The management system certification body of IITK LLC allows certified clients to refer to the name of the certification body, which provides, among other things, traceability to the certification body. There is no ambiguity in the accompanying text as to what exactly was certified and which certification body provided the certification.

A certified customer can use information about the certified management system, which is placed on the package or in the accompanying information. Product packaging is considered to be capable of being removed without disassembly or damage to the product itself. Accompanying information is considered to be available separately or easily separated. Printed labels as well as identification plates are considered part of the product. The information should not in any way imply that the product, process or service is certified in this way.

The information has a link to:

a) identification (for example, trademark or name) of a certified client;

b) type of management system and applicable standard;

c) the certification body that issued the certificate.

A certified client is allowed to refer to certification by a certification body only in relation to activities covered by the scope of certification. References to certification for activities for which the client has not been certified are a gross violation of the certification requirements.

A certified customer has the right to use the OS logo together with their logo or mark. In this case, the OS logo may not be smaller than the logo or sign of the certified client (the following criterion is used as a measurement: the height of the logo or sign of the certified client must not be greater than the height of the OS logo).

The certification system of the management systems of IITK LLC, with the help of agreements that have legal force, requires that the certified client:

a) has complied with the requirements of the certification body when referring to its certified status in the means of communication, such as the Internet, brochures or advertising or other documents;

b) did not make or allow misleading statements regarding his certification;

c) did not use or did not allow the use of the certification document or any part thereof in a misleading manner;

d) in case of revocation of certification, ceased to use all advertising material containing a link to certification, as determined by the certification body;

e) made changes to all advertising material, if the scope of certification was reduced;

(e) did not allow a reference to the certification of its management system to be used to assume that the certification body is certifying a product (including service) or process;

g) did not imply that the certification concerns activities and areas outside the scope of certification;

h) has not used certification in such a way as to discredit the certification body and / or the certification system or lead to a loss of public confidence.

When referring to certification in the media and social networks, the client must comply with all the provisions of the agreement between the certification body and the client.

The certification system of the management systems of IITK LLC carries out proper control of ownership and takes measures in case of incorrect references to the certification status or misleading application of certification documents.