The Management System Certification Body has policies and documented procedures for granting, refusing, maintaining, re-certifying, suspending, renewing or revoking certification, or extending or reducing the scope of certification, and specifies its further actions by making appropriate documented decisions.

The management system certification body suspends the certification in cases when, for example:

a) the client’s certified management system consistently or substantially does not meet the certification requirements, in particular the requirements for the effectiveness of the management system;

b) the certified client does not allow to conduct supervisory audits or re-certification audits with the required frequency;

c) the certified client voluntarily submitted a request for suspension.

During the suspension, the client management system certification is temporarily invalid.

The Management System Certification Body has legally valid agreements / contracts with its clients to ensure that in the event of suspension, the client refrains from further advertising its certification.

The management system certification body shall renew the suspended certification if the problematic issue resulting in the suspension is resolved. Failure to resolve the issue, which results in suspension, within the timeframe set by the certification body, results in the revocation of certification or reduction of the scope of certification.

In most cases, the suspension should not exceed 6 months.

The management system certification body reduces the scope of the client’s certification to exclude non-compliant parts if the customer consistently or substantially fails to comply with the certification requirements for those parts of the certification area. Any such reduction is consistent with the requirements of the standard used for certification.