ISO 22000 (HACCP)

The ISO 22000 standard was adopted by the International Organization for Certification (ISO) in 2005. The standard is a food safety management system and includes elements of the HACCP system “Hazard Analisys and Critical Control Points”.
The HACCP system was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
In Ukraine in 2007, the standard DSTU ISO 22000-2007 was adopted. “The management system for bezpechnosti harchovikh products. Wimogi to be-such an organization of grubby lancets, which is in fact a translated copy of the ISO 22000-2005 standard (HACCP).
The ISO 22000 standard is an integral food safety management system that monitors product manufacturing throughout the production line.

The HACCP system provides control over the manufacture of the food product at all production stages from raw materials, equipment, production, storage to the sale of finished products and monitors the critical points of the technological process where the product can become hazardous to the consumer. It includes chemical, mechanical and biological components.
The ISO 22000 standard (HACCP) is used practically in all countries of the world by food producers.
The requirements of ISO 22000 (HACCP) apply to the entire food chain, from food manufacturers to producers of raw materials, feed, food packaging, enterprises that transport and store food products, as well as retail and catering establishments.
Today, in many foreign countries there are mandatory legislative requirements for the presence of the food chain of the implemented and certified food safety management system according to ISO 22000 (HACCP). In Ukraine, certification under the ISO 22000 standard (HACCP) will become mandatory in the near future.
The modern consumer introduces to the producer of food products high requirements for the quality of products, packaging, storage and should be confident in its complete safety.
Many merchant networks in Ukraine and abroad, such as Auchan, Metro, Silpo, ATB and others, allow only the products of certified manufacturers to ISO 22000 (HACCP) in their retail network.